It needs the best leadership we can offer. At this moment, Seattle needs change. It needs a new vision. It needs fresh ideas and new leadership that brings people together instead of exploiting division. That’s what I will bring to the City Council.

I hope this FAQ has helped you learn more about my vision for District One and the city at large. I will keep your needs at the forefront of our fight for a better Seattle.


Housing Affordability

With the passage of the Mandatory Housing Affordability plan (MHA), it’s imperative to consider how housing can and should fit into existing neighborhoods. When new developments are permitted, and developers opt-out of providing affordable units, the alternative payment option must adequately cover the cost of producing the same affordable units.


Public Safety

We must get back to the basics: increase the number of sworn officers, expand community policing, emphasize areas of treatment, and provide housing and wraparound services for those experiencing homelessness. We must establish an authentic engagement process with our neighborhoods.


Financial and Housing Instability

Seattle policymakers must collaborate with those at the County and State to develop more appropriate and effective programs and services. As a Council member I will work with King County to establish a regional framework which includes all stakeholders, working together to design and deliver an effective, efficient, and equitable system.